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Corporate/Mission Critical Semiconductor/Health Care/Biotech Communicatoins/Entertainment


Bassett Construction Services was founded in 2001 by Dan Bassett, a veteran of the construction business, who formed the company after over 27 years working in the construction design, estimating, and management industry for three of the top 17 DEPC firms in America. After managing several regional offices, Dan wanted to provide construction-related services with a personal touch that focuses on delivering results without the corporate hype. Bassett immediately challenged tired construction practices and the worn concept of “business as usual”. By streamlining the entire process through close collaboration with owner, designer and subcontractors, Bassett has shortened schedules, controlled costs, and showed the customer the job can be done right the first time.

Bassett Construction Services is positioned to handle a wide variety of jobs, in both cost and complexity. Most of our projects range from under $1 million to $120 million. We also regularly take on projects up to $300 million and more. Regardless of the project size, we give each job our complete attention from beginning to end. Our contract management and contractor services project values are generally much lower.

Now in our third year of operation, Bassett Construction Services has grown substantially and has been recognized for our unique collaborative approach in both local and national markets with high-tech and science clients.

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